Since 1986, H. DASKEN Mechanical and Technical Innovations has been providing precision hardware, mechanical components and assemblies to the subsea industry as well as high-tech companies, light industry, and original equipment manufacturers.

From concept to finished product . . .

H. DASKEN Mechanical and Technical Innovations can fulfill all the requirements of your project:

  • Mechanical design
  • Fluid, gas and hydraulic system design
  • Custom design of special application valves and other fluid system components
  • Manufacturing
  • Prototype testing
  • Operation and maintenance manuals, documentation
  • Operation and maintenance training

Partial list of clients:

Cellula Robotics, Three Dimensional Services, OceanWorks International Corp., D. Jensen & Associates, ISE Research Ltd., Teleflex Canada Inc., National Research Council of Canada, Ballard Power Systems Inc., Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd., Capilano Suspension Bridge and Park, RSI Research Ltd., and Hyco Submersibles Ltd.

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Photo credits: US Navy Pressurized Rescue Module System - courtesy of OceanWorks International Corporation; Dolphin submersible - courtesy of ISE Research Ltd;
US Army field cook stove - courtesy of Teleflex Canada; other photos by Hugh Dasken.

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